We’re In This Together: Our COVID-19 Response

At Veenhuizen Painting Specialties, we just want you to know we’re here to help you during these unprecedented times.

  • Can we help someone you know? Check out our Community Outreach Program.
  • Do you need help making sense of the various COVID-19 financial assistance programs?
  • Struggling to complete your project? We are here for you, see details below.

Community Outreach Program

  • Elderly Care & Supply Deliveries – If you know someone who needs assistance obtaining essential supplies, please let us know! We have the staff and resources available to pick up food, supplies, and/or essentials and deliver them directly to the person’s doorstep. How can we help?


    • Email us at veenpaintinc@yahoo.com and put Delivery Request in the subject line.
    • Call our owner, Kyle Campbell, at (503) 740-5334.
  • Financial Donations – In addition to the supply deliveries, we are reserving financial resources during the COVID-19 outbreak to create a fund to help those most in need. Do you know of someone hard hit? We may give directly, if not we will be giving to help the medical profession.


    • 20% of net profit from all new customers will be added to the fund.

COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programs

  • We’ll Help if We Can! We’re learning as we go, but have made progress in navigating the various financial assistance programs available. If we can help, please reach out and let us know! Call Kyle @ (503) 740-5334

We’re Open, Compliant, & Ready to Help – We’re available to help you complete your pending projects.

  • We are operating according to the government’s wishes and practicing safe social-distancing protocols.
  • Veenhuizen Painting is a quality oriented residential and small commercial company. We have a finishing shop as well as multiple crews for onsite work.

Veenhuizen Painting Specialties