Refresh Your Home From The Inside Out With A Painting Contractor In Portland OR

One of the most important things for serious property investors to do is to make sure that their homes stay on par with current market expectations. If you ever let your home fall too far behind this general standard, it will be difficult to offload at any reasonable profit. More importantly, it will be less than pleasant to live in right now. The good news is that you can totally rejuvenate your living space by simply applying fresh paint. Are you looking for a trusted painting contractor in Portland, OR? Veenhuizen Painting Specialties is the perfect company to call.

To start, we can freshen up your home with beautiful paint. This will cover up any chips or dings that the walls have sustained, along with any evidence of staining. Best of all, no trim-work is too complex for us. We’ll include any special colors or designs that you want to incorporate flawlessly. Superior workmanship is something that we’ve long been known for.

You can work with our in-house design consultants to find the perfect colors and shades for every room and to suit your lifestyle. We can help you create the ambiance of your choosing. Best of all, we’ve been able to establish strong relationships with some amazing paint suppliers. This makes it easy for us to source the materials that are needed for our work in a timely fashion and at an affordable cost.

Our team can even assist in revamping your kitchen cabinets. In addition to your walls, these room features are among some of the most prominent and noticeable in the home. By giving them a clean and modern look, you can make your cooking and dining areas far more inviting. We even know tricks for creating the illusion of more usable space so that these areas look far more accommodating and feel infinitely lighter.

Painting the exterior of your property will ramp up the curbside appeal of your home. This is great for people who are ready for a refreshing change. It is also ideal for sellers who wish to invest in home improvements. With exterior paint, it’s possible to affect tremendous change with a nominal amount of spending.

Whether you intend to put your home on the market in the near future or plan on staying right where you are, new paint can completely revitalize your home from the inside out with a classic, sophisticated look or a modern, edgy touch. Our extensive capabilities and our design flexibility are among the many reasons why we’re often called the top painting company in Portland. Call 503-771-1404 today for a free no-hassle consultation!