Finding Luxury Painters In Portland

If you are a general contractor or a homeowner looking to renovate your interior and want a skilled, luxury painting contractor, we can help. We’ve got years of experience in the field and can finish cabinets, furniture, and a variety of fixtures. As the best high-end painters in Portland, we guarantee excellent results and are devoted to finishing each project on time.

If you are looking specifically for kitchen cabinet painting contractors in Portland, we stand ready to assist. In fact, we work with a wide array of materials and can deal with maple, oak, magnolia, or any other wood type. All cabinets are properly stained beforehand so that the final paint job has a smooth, sleek appearance.

In some cases, you may want to add new colors to the kitchen to mesh well with the purchase of new appliances. If you’ve recently installed a new stove or dishwasher, you can use this opportunity to modernize your cabinet set. White cabinets, for example, will work well as the focal point of many different decorative styles.

Our workers are also trained to repair and modernize furniture surfaces. Whether you need assistance with staining or refinishing, we can make antique tables and chairs look brand new. We always make sure that the original feel of the furniture is not destroyed by the refinishing job.

We offer written price quotes up front, and you can choose a project scope that works for your budget. Whether you want to refinish one chair or paint the whole kitchen, we’ll provide you with hard numbers at the outset of the process. We honor the quotes and will work with you if you want to tweak the project.

As the best painters in the region, we have the skills and expertise to do the job. We are always focused on making the customer happy and can be contracted for both interior and exterior paint jobs. If you need a painting contractor, contact us for more information at your earliest convenience!