Veenhuizen Painting Specialties

Portland's Residential Interior & Exterior Painting Company


Veenhuizen has a long-standing history delivering very high-quality painting to clients that expect precise and beautiful results. Designers, General Contractors, Cabinet Makers and meticulous homeowners have relied upon Veenhuizen for decades.

We combine multiple decades of knowledge with the best products and processes to deliver upscale results. Check our many references and reviews. We have painted hundreds of pieces of furniture, multiple thousands of feet of ceilings, walls, trim, and countless windows and doors. Every project gets the proper preparation and application to our exacting standards –and that delivers your desires.


We believe that practice makes perfect and customer-driven processes result in an extremely happy customer. Every Monday morning our staff gathers to evaluate and discuss what we learned that week. Throughout decades of practice, we have developed our customer-driven process, “The Veenhuizen Way”.

We look at the total picture of delivering excellent customer service. That includes documenting your desires from the start, timely communication, and detailed and accurate customer agreements. We put together the specific, intentional tasks and activities that result in a great customer experience. Listening, and understanding, and delivering what you want.


The Right People. Successful companies are built around the right people. People with the right values, knowledge and skills. People motivated to deliver great service. We don’t just allow any warm body to put on a Veenhuizen shirt. We continuously search for the best painters to build the Veenhuizen Team.

We have over 100 years of combined experience. “I believe that what separates great companies is intentionality. That’s why we’ve taken great care to develop the Veenhuizen Way.” Kyle Campbell, President

beautiful homes since 1988